Gina Brown 

Gina Brown

Gina Brown
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Head4change Hypnotherapy…a busy established practice has relocated to Stockbridge accessible for those living or working in Winchester, Romsey, Salisbury, Southampton, Andover and surrounding villages.


Gina believes that everyone has an inbuilt ability to achieve any goal in life and enjoys helping people find their own way to progress and develop. Therapy is the collaboration between client and therapist and as such it’s important to choose a therapist you feel comfortable with as much as it’s important to ensure they have the expertise, training and insurance.


 Hypnotherapy by Head4change uses hypnosis, CBT, EFT & NLP to understand where you’re currently at, what the root cause is and what’s necessary to allow you the freedom to change. Its solution focused and the results may be immediate as in the case of quitting smoking or over several sessions spaced according to the issue.


email head4change@hotmail.co.uk

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